Sets, Sets, and more Sets

episode summary

There’s no JB today but Mike’s not lonely because he’s chatting to senior product manager Mark Salamon. They explore NetDocuments’ new innovation Set Builder and legal tech trends more generally. Plus, you’ll hear all about how Barbara Streisand helped solve Mike’s racoon challenge – what’s not to like.

show notes

This week it’s all about legal tech trends and NetDocuments Set Builder. Mike is all alone for this episode so you won’t get your JB fix, but there’s a great interview with senior product manager Mark Salamon.

The Interview: Describing himself as a reformed attorney, nowadays Mark Salamon is a senior product manager. He’s responsible for collaboration and mobility, ndThread and Set Builder. Along the way he’s been a software developer and an in-house tech for a number of law firms. Mike and Mark talk about general trends and approaches to technology within law firms. More specifically they chat about NetDocuments Set Builder – the revolutionary way to collate and organise sets of documents and create a dynamic outline or index in one location, entirely within the NetDocuments environment. Mark talks about some of the applications of this new technology, why it’s different to other offers in the market and what benefits it can deliver to lawyers and law firms.

And finally, what is Toxoplasma and what lesson can we learn from it?

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