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JB and Mike’s Cloudcast comes from London this week and kicks-off with some footie chat, but we soon get down business and have a natter about matter chat tool NdThreads: what is it and how can it help? In the second segment the pair address customers fears head-on and talk in detail about getting from A to B – all the dos and don’ts of migration to the cloud-based platform.

show notes

Better communication and collaboration

NdThreads, document migration and more trivia from the NetDocuments Cloudcast team. First up: What’s NdThreads and how can it help?

It’s all about workspace-level integrated communication and document collaboration – everything’s there at your fingertips. Mike and JB talk a little about these capabilities and how they canc hange and improve working practices, productivity and data loss prevention. JB and Mike explore how NdThreads is different to other apps in the marketplace. Because it’s part of the NetDocuments platform you can apply access rights, restrictions and encryption at the single user level. Plus, you’ve got flexible storage policies, automatically applied. This means NdThreads makes information governance and compliance requirements and synch. You can hear more aboutNdThreads by getting in touch directly info@netdocuments.com

Getting from A to B the easy way

How do you get documents from A to B when B is NetDocuments? Mike and JB talk the dos and don’ts of migration to theNetDocuments cloud-based platform.

Their approach allows for any number of source systems – or no system at all. JB maintains it’s a bit like moving house. First, he explains that NetDocuments takes a good look at what’s there, how it’s organised are why it’s important. Then, in the design phase,NetDocuments looks at what happens today versus where a firm wants to be - data mapping, security, work space design. Then, during the move, there’s the opportunity to have a bit of a clear out – analysis of data patterns identifies redundant data and ensures that only the latest version of the data is migrated. A bit like moving house!

The guys also chat in detail about theNetDocuments migration methodology and philosophy – the challenges involved and how NetDocuments’ robust proven methodology minimises risk and makes things as pain-free as possible - the chat includes a discussion of the benefits and importance of thorough validation and test migration - standard practice forNetDocuments! Stick to the end and you’ll be rewarded by getting to know the guys at little a bit more plus some curious trivia.

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