Not All Clouds Are Created Equal

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Join our expert solutions evangelistMike and hear about our exciting proof of concept for blockchain! Not only that, explore cloud versus hosted experiences and the benefits of what we call true cloud. Mike explore show, since starting out in 1999, NetDocuments has delivered against the challenges of scalability, connectivity, downtime, seamless updates, data storage flexibility and configuration simplicity.

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NetDocuments has a reputation for harnessing new technology opportunities and at LegalTech® 2018 we shared our vision and commitment to integrating blockchain into the service; our blockchain proof of concept.  Undoubtedly there are many exciting possibilities ahead for blockchain in the legal sector. Everyone’s talking about it yet many don’t know or understand what’s possible. Mike’s chat is a valuable blockchain fix; what it is, how it works for NetDocuments, all about the announcement and where you can learn more. And of course, you can catch the NetDocuments team at LegalTech® 2019 JANUARY 28 – 31, 2019 | NEW YORK Booth 506

Mike says: not all clouds are created equal

True cloud v cloud in disguise

NetDocuments started life as a cloud provider. For a long time, many vendor companies were actually pretty anti-cloud. Now it’s ubiquitous.  But, not all clouds are created equal. True cloud means born on the web, the same instance of software running globally for all users and no integration boundaries. That’s NetDocuments but it’s not everyone. Steve and Mike explain how important it is to look in detail at the experience you’ll actually have.

NetDocuments’ cloud heritage over the last 15 years brings significant benefits to the cloud experience. Of course, what’s important isn’t platform maturity itself, but what that maturity brings to the end user.  The benefits are many. So, spend some time listening to Mike talk about how our true cloud solution delivers on each of the following very real challenges:

  • Configuration simplicity  
  • Scalability
  • Connectivity and downtime
  • Versioning updates
  • Data storage flexibility and sovereignty
  • Application and back end to back end integration
  • Security and encryption

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