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Hear about the NetDocuments security story - the trinity of physical security, application security and customer managed security. Law firms by their very nature hold significant amounts of confidential and business critical information. Delivering on the promise to protect is crucial in maintaining client trust and reputation. As cloud becomes more widely adopted within the legal sector, security should be top of mind. It’s not a question of if an attack happens, it’s when. We’ve been preparing for the worst for a very long time and we’re not into scaremongering at NetDocuments, instead we help clients to be prepared - should the worst happen. In this latest podcast Mike’s knowledge and explanations reassure and inform in an informal and accessible way. We’ve taken security to the next level. Listen to this podcast to learn more now.

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Today’s threat landscape means that, it’s not if an attack happens, it’s when. Mike talks about how the NetDocuments security approach helps firms keep their promise to protect data. It’s all about the trinity of physical security, application security and customer managed security. Listen to this podcast to learn more all about the NetDocuments approach to security, how we help clients ensure their document management security is second to none and how using NetDocuments means your firm will be prepared, should the worst happen.

NetDocuments can store over 1 trillion objects in the system, there’s plenty of room The key tenant of the NetDocuments security posture is that - no one can access your data but you. Mike explains how this works in practice. There’s useful information around; physical security at our data centre sites, our sophisticated encryption protection and how even the way we store data within the system add further protection.

Find out how the document snapshot functionality and online administration console will mean you still get access to the right data in a disaster recovery situation.The disaster recovery protocol is sophisticated and yet simplified asNetDocuments handles it all for you. Mike explains how NetDocuments builds authentication into the system yet allows enough flexibility to ensure it meet your individual authentication methods and requirements. There’s chat about ethical walls, optimistic and pessimistic security.  

We’ve taken security to the next level. As technology evolves, cyber threats become more sophisticated and more prevalent, we incorporate the latest technologies and understanding into the NetDocuments platform and our customers inherit the benefit. Find out more by listening to Mike’s latest podcast now.

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