The Marriage Of Two Clouds

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This week Mike dabbles in GDPR and we find out that the Net Documents platform is in very good shape. He then explores the world of Microsoft with colleague JB Trexler, Senior Director of Professional Services at Net Documents. How does the symbiotic relationship between NetDocuments and Microsoft benefit clients? What’s a head for the partnership and, on a more practical level, how’s the integration with MicrosoftOffice 365 delivering compelling workflow productivity benefits?

show notes

What about the GDPR?

Mike chats with the NetDocuments professional services chief, JB Trexler, about the GDPR journey. These new rules that are rightly giving clients and consumers better control over their personal data, often create a number of tricky challenges for businesses that are data custodians. What does the GDPR mean for the legal sector? Ownership, understanding, control, management and protection of data has to be top of mind for legal. NetDocuments is helping with compliance because of its sophisticated security posture and other functionality already in place.Much of the GDPR is good business practice plus responsible data management and housekeeping - that’s why using NetDocuments helps deliver GDPR compliance.

Mike also decides that amore detailed look at the GDPR might be useful to some firms. So, if you’d like to hear more about the GDPR click here for the webinar where Mike chats GDPR with experts.

NetDocuments and Microsoft - a symbiotic relationship

Mike speaks about the partner relationship between NetDocuments and Microsoft a swell as some details about the integration of Microsoft Office 365. The strategic partnership began in 2014 integrating cloud technologies, including Microsoft’s Office 365 online web apps with NetDocuments global cloud storage.  NetDocuments is working towards the concept of a zero footprint desktop so Office 365 plays to this part of the strategy. For Office 365 online there’s no footprint on the PC, it’s SaaS and NetDocuments has many integration points to help law firms amplify the benefits. Mike explains how you can create online Office 365 files from within the NetDocuments platform and then enable co-authoring in real time. Mike discusses how NetDocuments integrates with Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook and also PDF creation - and the benefits of this. What are the differences between local, click-to-run and the online versions? Delve a little deeper into the NetDocuments activity centre and discuss the security benefits.  There are some hints around what’s coming up for the partnership around Microsoft Flow. As always security plays an important role when considering working in this way but the NetDocuments-Microsoft relationship brings added reassurance and benefits to NetDocuments users.

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